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AUP, Samsung S8 Plus, Mobile Phone Glass Sreen Protector SE version
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Protect your phone screen from scratches with premium screen protectors. 

These Crystal Clear glass curved screen protectors are made from the highest-quality available film. 

Case Friendly, allows you to use the case of your choice. 

QTY: 1pcs 


== Features: 

* Protects iPhone screen and back against fingerprints, scratches, dirt, oil / grease and smudges 

* Higher degree of clarity 

* Designed to work with colour screens so no distortion to the image 

* No adhesive so will not leave sticky residue on screen after being removed 

== Screen protector installation guide: 

The LCD screen protector has two outer protective layers. There are several steps involved to put the screen protector on. 

1. Use the clean dry cloth  to clean the screen. Make sure there is no dust on the screen. 

2. Peel off one end of the protective layer. DO NOT peel off the entire protective layer yet. You can then peel it off gradually during the next step. 

3. Align the screen protector with the screen. Start from one end and slowly proceed towards the other end so there is no bubble left. You may use a credit card to push out the air bubbles (if there is any) during the process. 

4. Use a credit card or bank card to push out the residual air bubbles (if there is any). 

Why buy from us 

- Provide different sizes for choose

- Great service even after sales 

- GST Invoice Provided 

- Very fast shipping 

== Package includes: 

1 x Clear Screen Protector Protect your smart phone screen from scratches and scuffing.

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